Donations for Downloads is a new idea that I’m very excited about. It’s a simple concept that will allow us to redefine what it means to have a musical exchange. Other folks in the music world have also been experimenting with new distribution models for music in recent years and I was interested in testing out some new ideas. Building on the general public’s enthusiasm for using the internet as a viable source for digital music, I wanted to develop a web-based distribution model that would be engaging, fun, and keep you coming back for more. The Donations for Downloads project makes all of my music that I’ve released on CD available as free MP3 downloads through this site. I welcome you to download and enjoy as much of my music as you wish, with the hope that you’ll contribute a donation of any amount through PayPal or by check in exchange. Here’s how it works: - At the bottom of this letter, you’ll see two buttons, one that says “Donate” and one that says “Download.” Clicking on either button will open a new page that will describe with simple instructions how to download my music and/or make a donation to me directly. There’s no set order in which to do them and you can choose which activity you’d like to do first or second. - As an added bonus, your generosity in making a donation will go to work twice. Ten percent of all funds collected through Donations for Downloads will go towards an ongoing philanthropy project. You can find information about the philanthropy project by clicking on the “philanthropy” link on the bottom menu throughout the site. Another option for our exchange is to download whatever songs you want from my site, and then buy a few tracks on iTunes, or a CD from CD Baby as a way to donate. I consider that approach to be just as good a donation as using PayPal or a check, if it’s more convenient for you. The only difference is that when you buy my music through a service like iTunes or CD Baby, I get approximately 60% of the sale price due to their company fees. Alternately, with Donations for Downloads, I can receive between 75 - 95% of whatever amount you donate, which makes for a better deal for both of us. If you’re comfortable with using iTunes or any other music downloading program or site, then I’m sure you’ll find my Donations for Downloads option just as easy to use. All of the music files are available as high quality MP3’s (192 kbps) with no restrictions on their use, and they can be played and swapped around on any computer or digital listening device. Yet another possibility for our exchange, which would be very valuable to me, is if you send your friends and/or family a note about all the free and (hopefully) exciting music that’s available here. If they come and visit, find something they like, and possibly donate and tell their other friends, that’s a great opportunity for me to develop a wider audience. The point is, I’d love to be creative with you in defining what our exchange can be. It’s a pleasure to offer my music to you in this way. I do so with the hope that you’ll enjoy it immensely, share it with others who you think will appreciate it, and come back for more in the future. I’d love to be able to stay in touch as well, so I can let you know about new releases and keep you up to date about any upcoming concerts in your area (before you begin downloading, I’ll ask for your contact info). With the immense amount of music and other media we can choose to engage with online and in real life, I am honored to have the gift of your time and attention to my work. Your support and enthusiasm are an important source of inspiration for me in the creative process, and I sincerely hope that this opportunity for exchange will be as exciting for you as it is for me. Thank you for your open minded musical tastes and your willingness to try something new, as I don’t think you would have read this far if we hadn’t had those two ideas in common.